Wheatley Travelers Begin a Wonderful Time in France!

On Thursday, 13 February, 24 Wheatley students (led by three Wheatley chaperones) departed for a 9-day adventure in France. Organized by our very own Jean-François Henley, the trip promises to provide students with plenty of opportunities to practice French, learn some history and enjoy the wonderful food and culture available.

We are so grateful for the willingness of our three faculty members (Mr. Henley, Mr. Craven and Ms. Calio) to accompany the students on such an experience.

Mr. Henley has been kind enough to to share some daily summaries and photos of the adventures thus far!

Day 1: Departure

(Thanks to Mrs. Anderson for the Photos)

Day 2: Bienvenue à Paris

“A long Day One during which we explored the famous Rue des Martyrs (some of us climbed all the way up to Montmartre), experienced Parisian cafe culture, had wonderful cooking lessons and capped it off with a wonderful dinner.”

Day 3: Sightseeing in Paris

“This was a fun day during which kids saw iconic monuments, visited various museums (such as the Centre Pompidou), ordered classic French dishes (steak tartare!) and got a glimpse of the Champs-Elysées at night. Unfortunately a suspicious package closed the Arc the Triomphe long enough to make us miss our visit to the top tonight but we plan on going back tomorrow morning.

Day 4: More Sightseeing in Paris

“Wow! Busy, busy day! We made it to the Top of the Arc de Triomphe, we had a great visit at the Louvre, we did some painting on Montmartre, and we capped off the day with escargots (every student tried them!!) and yes, a dance party in the Place du Tertre in a downpour.”

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