The Wheatley-Orchestra Long Island Joint Concert Provides Musical Joy!

On Wednesday evening, Wheatley students and music faculty partnered with the professional musicians from the Orchestra Long Island to present a lovely evening of music and entertainment. As part of this program, in the weeks leading into the event, the professional musicians provided several group tutoring sessions to students who were participating in this joint concert. Just before the evening, there was a full rehearsal.

The evening opened with Walter Murphy’s disco hit, “A Fifth of Beethoven” and continued with performances that included a rendition of “Over the Rainbow,” the Swan Lake Suite and selections from The Phantom of the Opera.

It was an inspirational evening for all involved!

A wonderful evening such as this takes place through the support of our Board of Education, Nassau BOCES Arts in Education program and the Orchestra Long Island. A special “Thank You” to our very own Angela Luftig for her coordination of this event!

Thank you to Island Photography for some of the photos.

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