NHD Junior History Fair for Willets Road and Wheatley Students!

On Thursday, 16 January, Wheatley hosted scores of 7th grade students from Willets Road as part of our National History Day Junior History Fair. These students joined Wheatley 8th Graders in a day of exhibits, presentations and websites in order to determine which projects would advance to the junior category of the Long Island Regional Round of National History Day (in March).

This year’s NHD topic is “Breaking Barriers in History.” The variety of projects presented was so impressive! The presentations, exhibits and websites were judged by Wheatley and Willets Road faculty members, and students were informed of the decisions on Friday. Unfortunately, schools are limited regarding the number of projects that can be advanced in each category, making the judge’s decisions very difficult!

Thank you to Dr. Eckers, our Social Studies Chair, for all of his efforts organizing this expanded Junior Fair. Thank you as well to the wonderful Social Studies and Library faculty at both Willets Road and Wheatley for their work judging the many projects.

[Thanks to Dr. Eckers for the photos!]

The following projects will move on to compete in the Regional Round at Hofstra University on Sunday, 29 March.

Individual Paper

  • Maks Janus (7th grade): Kefauver Committee
  • Joshua Li (7th grade): JJ Thomson
  • Annelise Belle (8th grade): Telegraph

Individual Website

  • Eleni Daskalakis (7th grade): Temple Grandin
  • Sam Gilbert (7th grade): Curt Flood
  • Mahahir Kasliwal (8th grade): Indian Invasion of Alcatraz

Group Website

  • Alaina Pinto and Adriana Petrizzo (7th grade): In-Vitro Fertilization
  • Lily Eshaghoff and Kayla Rogan (8th grade): Sally Ride
  • Sydney Romano and Taylor Rubenstein (8th grade): Right to Die

Individual Documentary

  • Autumn Casela (7th grade): Zadroga Act
  • Emma Rosenberg (8th grade): Marian Anderson
  • Ben Krittman (8th grade): Stonewall Uprising

Group Documentary

  • Casey Shannon and Helena Fabiszewski (7th grade): Development of New York City Subway
  • Mustashma Shaaf and Aribeth Gu (7th grade): Kefauver Committee and the RICO Act
  • Noah Gorlewski and Dylan Shannon (8th grade): Apollo XI

Individual Exhibit

  • Max Melnikov (7th grade): Daniel Ellsberg
  • Layla Goldberg (7th grade): Jacqueline Murekatete
  • Nadav Farahnik (7th grade): John Muir

Group Exhibit

  • Lauren Shin, Sophia Song and Arikah Goher (7th grade): Chiune Sugihara
  • Jana Fishman and Emma Gilbert (7th grade): Madam CJ Walker
  • Priscilla Shin and Derek Zhang (8th grade): Guo Pei

Individual Performance

  • Nayiri Barton (8th grade): The 1973 Chilean Overthrow of Salvador Allende
  • Eliana Duffy (8th grade): Americans with Disabilities Act

Group Performance

  • Jacob Ferraro, Jack Wigginton, Troy Golden and Zachary Gilbert (7th grade): Texas Western Basketball
  • Emma Santarelli and Alexa Herson (7th grade): Lorraine Hansberry
  • Eric Jing, Chris O’Connor and Brandon Katz (8th grade): Smallpox Vaccine


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