Wheatley Faculty Compete in Long Island Spartan Race!

On a chilly Saturday morning, 23 November, fourteen Wheatley faculty members gathered at Old Bethpage Restoration Village for a Spartan Sprint Race. Consisting of over 3 miles and 20 obstacles across challenging terrain, the Spartan Sprint is designed to challege you individually. For most of the Wheatley racers, this was their first Spartan race. Although it was approached with a littlbe bit of trepidation, there was nothing but smiles and a wonderful sense of accomplishment as we helped each other, encouraged each other and celebrated each other along the course.

Team Wheatley consisted of:

  • James Abdale (Science teacher)
  • Jason Craven (ENL teacher)
  • Peter Crisci (Mathematics teacher)
  • Michael Dunn (English teacher)
  • Sean Feeney (Principal)
  • Suzanne Gluck (Guidance Counselor)
  • Kristina Guyton (Science teacher)
  • Natalia McMillan (English teacher)
  • Alexis Pace (Director of Science)
  • Jo Beth Roberts (Librarian)
  • Berthe Seferian (Social Studies teacher)
  • Gena Topping (Social Studies teacher)
  • Rick Wilson (English teacher)

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