Wheatley Students Begin a 9-Day Adventure in Peru!

On Sunday, 10 November, 20 Wheatley students departed from JFK International Airport for a nine-day adventure in Peru. Led by Mrs. Joan Anderson (Chair of World Languages), Mr. Jason Craven (ENL Teacher) and Mrs. Arlene Kuchicki (Nurse), students arrived in Cuzco on Monday and immediately got to learning and experiencing the history and culture of this amazing country.

After spending the day at Cuzco and neighboring Inca sites, students prepared for a full-day excursion to Machu Picchu.

In the words of Mrs. Anderson:

What a day we’ve had! We woke up at 4:30 and enjoyed a buffet breakfast at 5:00(they surprisingly made it on time!). We departed for Machu Picchu at 5:30 and endured a 2 hour bus ride followed by a one and one half train ride and finally another half hour on a bus to reach the famous Incan ruins.

Once atop Machu Picchu we enjoyed breathtaking views and ancient ruins. Following our fantastic tour guides Sophia and Borris we learned about the history of Machu Picchu and the fascinating culture of the Incans. Transversing the steep, rocky steps of Machu Picchu many of us became short of breath, panting in the elevated altitude. We loved seeing the llamas!!! They are so cute!! Alpacas live in higher elevations such as Cusco and llamas live in Machu Picchu.

Overall, we had an amazing excursion and seeing the kids all bond and talk to one another makes all the teachers so happy! The kids got off their phones and enjoyed being in the present.

After Machu Picchu, we got the chance to go into a huge market filled with all the Peruvian chackis one could ever wish for. Going into it, some of us dove right into our Spanish speaking skills and haggled with the vendors. We just weren’t willing to pay 80 soles for a Peruvian sweatshirt.

Thanks to the students, I have a number of photos to share!

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