LICADD Presents Vaping Information to the Wheatley Community

On Monday, 7 October, the Wheatley community had the great fortune of sharing in the expertise of the Long Island Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (LICADD) on a day dedicated to the dangers of vaping.

The normal school day was disrupted so that students could hear from one of LICADD’s licensed clinical social workers, Lauren Navarra and Steve Chassman (LICADD’s Executive Director). In an informative, non-judgmental manner, they shared information regarding the pathway to addiction, the dangers of any substance use at an early age, and some of the reasons people turn to drugs.

Some of the more memorable statements made during the presentations included:

  • “You might think this information does not apply to you. We would rather you have the information and not need it than not have the information and need it.”

  • “All of the folks coming through [LICADD’s] services have had problems with nicotine and marijuana use and misuse.”

  • “Treatment for nicotine dependence is a new thing for LICADD.”

  • “We are not against drugs. We are against what drugs can do to people.”

  • “The pulmonary distress doctors are seeing is similar to what was experienced with mustard gas during WWI.”

A copy of the presentation given to students can be found here: LICADD Vaping Presentation Wheatley Students

Vaping Wheatley Students Cover

At the end of the day, Mr. Chassman presented similar information to the Wheatley faculty. In addition to sharing some of the statistics and information presented to the students, he discussed the importance of helping students (and ourselves) find ways to deal with the high levels of stress that almost everyone feels from time to time.

Later in the day, Mr. Chassman returned to Wheatley to speak with parents in the evening. Similar to a presentation given last spring, Mr. Chassman shared his clinical insight into what young people were being treated for at LICADD, the growth in nicotine addiction among young people, the early-age onset of vaping use, and strategies for helping children deal with stress. Parents were able to inspect various vaping devices, including those used to vaporize THC juice.

A copy of the presentation can be located here: LICADD Vaping Presentation Parents

Vaping Parents LICADD

 We are so grateful for the support of LICADD. Our partnership with this non-for-profit organization over these past dozen years has helped countless students and families. Please consider supporting them with your own personal donation through their website at 

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