New Artwork Outside of Room 450!

Since 2012, the graduating seniors have had an opportunity to submit their work to be included in the artwork display outside of Room 450. Due to some unexpected twists, the artwork has not been updated for the past two graduation years. Earlier this month, however, we were able to catch up and install eight new pieces on the wall. Thanks to the generosity of our PTO mini-grant funds, the artwork was printed on stretched canvas and mounted.

Thank you to our art teachers, Julia Donovan, Nicole Girgenti and Melinda Gomez, for their support of and assistance with this display.

The following students had their work added to the display:

Class of 2018

  • Eliana Davidoff
  • Remi Goldfarb
  • Eva Suppa
  • Sydney Lee

Class of 2019

  • Juliana Cangemi
  • Alexa Oliviero
  • Jolie Perroncino
  • Avani Ramnarayan

2019-09-18 15.46.09

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