Spring Concert (Part 2) Wraps up the Musical Season!

The second of our two spring concerts was held on Tuesday, 11 June in the Wheatley Auditorium. The evening featured our Stage Band (under the direction of Peggy Ho), our Jazz Band (under the direction of Steve Fitzko), our Intermediate Chorus (under the direction of Angela Luftig with Rick Wilson as accompanist), our Intermediate/Concert Band (under the direction of Peggy Ho and Stan Orlovsky) and our Symphonic Band (under the direction of Peggy Ho).

The concert featured scores of student performers, with 10 of them being members of the Class of 2019. These graduating students have committed countless hours to our music program over the years. We are grateful for their participation and wish them a music-filled life as they graduate from Wheatley!

The graduating seniors include:

  • Dina Aldad
  • William Cafarelli
  • Antony Deluxe
  • Andrew Gullotta
  • Mahesh Pitchayan
  • Madeline Rick
  • Michael Roudbai
  • Brooke Schwartz
  • Samantha Williams
  • Mara Zuckerman


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