SUPA Forensics Students Solve “Crimes” in the Field

SUPA Forensics is one of two Dual Enrollment classes we offer through Syracuse University Project Advance.  Students who take Dual Enrollment courses earn college credit for the course, credit that is awarded through a transcript from the partner institution.

On Friday, 31 May, thirty-five SUPA Forensics students participated in three crime scene excavation and processing scenarios on the campus of New York Institute of Technology (NYIT).  The two scenes “created” for the students included a clandestine grave and one body in a rug roll.

Using techniques taught by Ms. Chanin-Bermudez throughout the year, students were hands-on in the approach, removal and tagging of any evidence located while unearthing each site.

The scenes were created and supervised by Asst Professor/retired NYPD Deputy Inspector of Police, Andrew Costello and colleagues Gary Gomula, retired Deputy Chief and Josephine Curry, retired Detective.  It was an informative and educational experience for all!

[Thanks to Ms. Chanin-Bermudez for the write-up and the photos!]

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