Our English 10H Students Share their Passions through “10H Talks”

On Thursday, 30 May, students in our English 10 Honors courses invited friends, family and special guests to the fourth annual “English 10H Talks.” Modeled after the well-known Ted Talks, these student presentations aimed to answer the question, “What Matters?” Students chose topics that reflected their passions and interests, aiming to educate and inform the audience in under ten minutes.

The topics and presenters were quite impressive! Congratulations to the students, and thank you to Lauren Blum, who organized and helped the students through their presentations!

Due to the fact that multiple sessions ran simultaneously, the format of the evening prevented an individual from attending more than 8 complete presentations.

The students and topics presented include:

  • Umar Ahmad: “It’s All Too Much: Stress’s Impact on Our Lives”
  • Zain Akhtar: “Video Games: More Useful Than We Think”
  • Adam Aldad: “The Ever Growing American Divide”
  • Huda Ayaz: “Media Diversity: Why It’s a Problem and How We Can Fix It”
  • Ali Bhalloo: “Fake News: The Growing Crisis of Fake Conspiracies”
  • Alexandra Castiglie: “Running the Impossible Mile: A Glimpse Into Depression”
  • Anya Chabria: “Superheroes and Society: What Captain Marvel Says About Us”
  • Karen Chu: “Let’s Talk About Talking: Bilingualism’s Effect on Personal Ideology”
  • Nadav Cohen: “The Olympic Games: The Greatest War (1896-present)”
  • Grace Ducroiset: “Why You Need to Take More Vacations”
  • Sarah Fieldman: Why EQ is Just as Important as IQ
  • Jonathan Friedrich: “The Modern School System: For Better or For Worse”
  • Paula Gbenebitse: “The Dangers of Political Polarization”
  • Sana Goher: “Do We Need Sleep?”
  • Saad Haroon: Social Media: How Connection Breeds Disconnection
  • Sarah Hassan: “70,925 Minutes: How Streaming Has Changed Our Interactions with Music”
  • Ubaidullah Hassan: Have We Been Sleeping Wrong?
  • Aarushi Jain: “When your child begins to lie, Celebrate! Dance! Bake a pie!”
  • Layla Jarrahy: “The Power of Music: How it has Shaped our Languages and Cultures”
  • Pukhraj Kaur: “To Become Yourself, Know Yourself”
  • Emma Leng: Musical Training Can Train Your Brain
  • Alexandra Levine: “The Causes and Perils of Modern Antisemitism”
  • Thomas Lew: “Evolution of Comedy in Superhero Movies”
  • Cathy Li: “Imaginary Friends with Real Benefits”
  • Freddy Lin: Out of Eden: The Mediocrity of Evil
  • Jason Liu: School is a Part-Time Job
  • Rayhan Meghji: “Artificial Intelligence: The Future Of Human Relationships”
  • Anika Mittle: “The (Brain) Power of Music”
  • Eric Ness: “Modern Art: An Exploration of Changing Perceptions”
  • Temitope Oshodi: “Traumatic Brain Injury and Its Lasting Effects on Athletes and Soldiers”
  • Olivia Palmieri: “One Step at a Time: Dancing for Better Health”
  • Iman Pirzada: “Innovating for Athletes: Combating Sports Injuries”
  • Laken Pomerantz: “The College Admissions Process: Are We Lying Our Way Into College?”
  • Kayla Roberts: “My Quest to Discover Why We Have Color Preferences”
  • Arielle Rokhsar: “Stop Snapping, Start Snoozing”
  • Isabella Roudbai: “Using Social Media to Change the World”
  • Samar Saleem: “The Importance of the Arts: A Continuing Necessity in Today’s Education”
  • Dalia Savy: “The Bilingual Brain: How it Functions and Why it Matters”
  • Natalie Scudero: “Cheesin’ for a Reason: The Psychological and Physical Benefits of Smiling”
  • Astha Singh: “It’s Time to De-Phone Your Toddlers”
  • Gabriella Testani: “Political Correctness vs. Effective Comedy”
  • Andrew Thaler: “More Than Video Games: The Importance of Virtual Reality in Medicine”
  • Matthew Valle: “Sports: More Mental than Physical”
  • Brianna Werny: “Failure: A Requirement for Success”
  • Elizabeth Yuen: “Wait….it’s due today?: The Causes of and Misconceptions About Procrastination”
  • Lucy Zha: “Misspelling in Writing: AutoCorrect Your “AotoCurrect”

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