Meet Our 2019 Wheatley Medalists!

The final recognition given during our recent Academic Awards Evening is The Wheatley Medal. Presented by the Wheatley Principal, the Wheatley Medal seeks to highlight a senior boy and girl who have exemplified the highest standards of scholarship, ethical conduct and service to school and community.

Here is what was said during the presentation of this year’s medalists, Karan Amin and Cecilia Jozef.

The first recipient is the type of student everyone wants to teach: passionate about education, respectful of others and intellectually curious. With a genuine enthusiasm and a thirst to learn, he elevates every classroom discussion. Incredibly well-rounded, he has proven to be an extraordinary researcher, a talented writer, an exceptional athlete, a generous mentor and an individual who will never compromise his own ideals.

Despite his academic and athletic demands, there is a tranquility about this student that is simply remarkable. Possessing a kind and warm personality, he radiates calmness even when the demands are at the highest level. The entire school has benefitted from his presence in the halls and his impressive contributions to our student newspaper, our literary magazine, and our student clubs.

In the years ahead, we are certain he will help us learn more about the mind-body connection as studies neuroscience and plays tennis at Williams College.

Please join me in congratulating Karan Amin as one of this year’s recipients of The Wheatley Medal!

The next recipient of the Wheatley Medal is one of the most well-rounded, thoughtful and kind students in our school. She has managed to have an incredible impact on her teachers, her peers and the community. In fact, the mere mention of her name causes endless accolades to flow out of teachers’ mouths!

Her positive presence has been felt whether you walk beside her in the hallways, take class with her, or participate on an athletic team with her. She is the special blend of talent and grit. She has achieved at the highest level academically and athletically over the years. That said, she works harder—in the classroom or on the team—than just about anyone else. Her innate generosity of spirit, however, ensures that any spotlight directed towards her gets redirected to someone else.

Giving of her time, she has received recognition for her tireless work in the community, including the local library, animal shelter and nursing home. It is her involvement with the Girl Scouts that has served as a beacon for her adolescent years, however. She possesses a wonderful sense of humor, a calm demeanor and a humility and grace that is simply unmatched.

We look forward to hearing more about her as she heads to the University of Delaware’s Honors College as a Nursing major.

Please join me in congratulating the second recipient of the Wheatley Medal, Cecilia Jozef.

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