At Our Parent-Student Evening Forum, LICADD Helps Educate and Inform about the Dangers of Vaping

The use of electronic cigarettes among teenagers has reached epidemic levels. The dangers posed by these devices are known by researchers but not by many parents or students. You can learn more about the problem through the following articles:

Along with every high school in the United States, Wheatley has worked to educate parents, students and faculty of the dangers posed by electronic devices. In light of these concerns (and after the closure of the 200-corridor bathrooms for just over a week), we held a Parent-Student Forum on Tuesday evening in order to share our concerns about electronic cigarette use, inform parents about the dangers of such heavy doses of nicotine (and, potentially, THC) at such young ages and discuss strategies to move forward as a community in order to keep our children safe and healthy.

To help us with this conversation, we had the support of our friends at LICADD (Long Island Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence) were at the meeting. Steve Chassman, the Executive Director of LICADD, spoke with authority and passion about the nature of addiction, the dangers posed by nicotine abuse at such young ages and the ease at which students can transition from vaping nicotine to vaping marijuana. We also discussed strategies Wheatley would incorporate, including more student education about the dangers and the availability of treatment, more parental education and more faculty education.

Overall, it was a wonderfully productive meeting that will help us move forward in a positive, collaborative manner. Thank you to those parents and students who were in attendance!

You can view Steve Chassman’s presentation here: LICADD Wheatley School 2019

LICADD Wheatley School 2019

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