“The Moth” Stops by SWS!

This quarter, Wheatley’s School Within-a-School Program (SWS) has been offering two sections of a class, “Facing the Unknown,” in which students write and tell stories modeled on The Moth, a not-for-profit organization that focuses on the art and craft of storytelling. Founded by American novelist George Dawes Green, “The Moth” is a popular radio show and podcast.

During the first section of the class, students shared stories about their own personal experiences. These stories included tales of first arriving at Wheatley from China, attending a diabetic summer camp, and learning to ski.

In the second section of the class, we had the pleasure of hosting an actual Moth Storyteller! On Monday, 11 March, the SWS class hosted Maris Blechner, the grandmother of one of our students. Mrs. Blechner shared her story about the joys and misconceptions surrounding adoption. She also explained how she ended up on the program and offered some valuable tips about storytelling. We thank Ms. Blechner for providing this wonderful experience for our students.

[Thanks to Patrick Clarke for the write-up and the photos!]

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