Some Impressive Performances on Day 4 of #Showdown2019!

The fourth day of Showdown2019 produced two impressive performances! It began with Vedant Singh’s dominating performance in Mathematics Trivia during the WSTV Trivia Challenge.  Several hours later, during the Pi Day Challenge, Jace Yagoda amazed the crowd by reciting 1,318 digits of pi!

The Charity Collections were tallied on this day, and our students did incredible work collecting books, sneakers and school supplies!

With a “Country Western/Country Club” dress theme, the hallways were filled with all sorts of creative costumes! While the classes worked on a bridge to be used during tomorrow’s Friday Night Finale, each grade manned a Charity Information Table as a way of raising awareness and funds for a charity of its choice. It was a great day!

[Thanks to Demetri Kaparos for the video!]

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