#Showdown2019 Day 2 Reveals Plenty of Spirit in the Younger Grades!

Showdown2019, Day 2 proved to be particularly competitive! Thanks to the end-of-day Spirit Assembly, it is was a day of many points! Some of our older students might have been surprised at the strong showing of our 8th and 9th graders!

Classes participated in the following activities:

  • WSTV Trivia Challenge (Science Edition)
  • College Day
  • Class Banner creation
  • Sudoku competition

Of course, a highlight of the day was the Spirit Assembly — a fun-filled event that engaged all of the students! During this Spirit Assembly, the younger grades showed that they were not here to simply watch another grade win! The 8th Graders earned first place in three different activities, while the 9th graders earned the most total points during the assembly!

Great work to all of our students!

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