Six Wheatley Juniors Selected for Student Athletes as School Leaders Conference!

Earlier today, Thursday, 31 January, six Wheatley juniors attended the annual Student-Athletes as School Leaders Conference at Hofstra University. Organized by the Nassau County High School Principals Association, Nassau County Physical Education Consortium and the Hofstra School of Education, the purpose of this conference is to celebrate, support and encourage positive student leadership throughout Nassau County school districts. Students were accompanied by Mr. Kevin O’Pasek and Mr. Steve Cadet.

Student team leaders had the chance to meet their counterparts from other high schools and share ideas about the meaning and significance of leadership. The day included keynote addresses; focused dialogue between student leaders, coaches, athletic directors and principals; and training in communication skills. The workshops were led by facilitators from Positive Coaching Alliance.

The Wheatley students selected to participate in this conference were:

  • Brandon Behar
  • Matthew Ferrone
  • Katharine Gold
  • Karthik Pitchayan
  • Isabella Rios
  • Rebecca Sparacio

The keynote speaker at this year’s conference was Kym Hampton, a retired professional basketball player and the fourth player chosen at the WNBA inaugural season Elite Draft.

Kym spoke to the students for approximately 50 minutes, stressing the notion that sports and athletics are more than just a game. She shared her story of finding out who she was and what she could do through her involvement in athletics. She stressed to the student-athletes the importance of investing in oneself, asking questions and building relationships.


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