SWS Comes Together and Shares Cultures through Food!

On Wednesday, 3 October, our School Within a School (SWS) community engaged in a community-building activity focused on allowing students to share their own cultures with each other through food.

In SWS, each member, including the teachers, is assigned to a Family Group. On Wednesday, each Family Group had a potluck lunch. Students and faculty brought in a wide assortment of food: falafel, empanadas, scones, soda bread, chicken wings, spanakopita, meatballs, Persian rice, Danish ice cream, pesto pasta and potato latkes. Of course, there was also all varieties of desserts.

More important than all the great food was the time and sharing each group was able to engage in during the afternoon. This activity was inspired by a class taught in SWS last year by Steve Collier and Jason Craven called Cultural Connections. We plan to continue this type of activity throughout the year.

Thank you to SWS Faculty Advisor Pat Clarke for the write-up and photos!


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