Manan Shukla Designs a Device to Improve Health Outcomes for Patients!

Manan Shukla (Class of 2019) is an entrepreneur who has already filed several patents for is inventions and created a startup that he hopes will improve health outcomes across the country. 

Manan identified a significant problem found in the current health care system: physicians cannot treat their patients effectively because they lack accurate patient information to make proper decisions. This manifests itself in particular with patients who do not accurately report their medication intake. More specifically, Manan’s device tackles the problem in which patients do not take their medication—something that results in over $300 billion dollars in healthcare waste and millions of patients entering the emergency rooms due to avoidable life-threatening complications.

As a result, Manan created a smart pill dispenser that uses IoT cloud connectivity to not only quantify patient behaviors and determine medication usage but can also send this information to their physician so that patient treatment is based on objective data rather than inaccurate reporting. What makes his technology novel is that it costs less than a quarter, making it is affordable for all patients.

In addition to having five inventions patented under his name, Manan has reached great success with his new startup, Adherety. This past summer, he was invited to meet the CEO of CVS to present his healthcare technology to the executive board of CVS Health. In addition, he will be meeting the COO of Walgreens later this week and has garnered interest by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan’s health initiative.

Congratulations to Manan! We wish you the best of success!


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