#Homecoming2018 Brings the Community Together Around Athletics, Food and Fun!

Our Homecoming Celebration was a terrific blend of athletics, food and family fun! On an absolutely gorgeous Saturday, our teams competed in tennis, volleyball, soccer, cross country and football. Our student clubs and our cheerleaders helped support the activities for the community.

As the athletes were competing, community members enjoyed a wonderful International Food Court, music and some bouncy houses! There were a few key folks who helped to bring this event together:

  • Our Cultural Initiatives Committee for organizing the International Food Court
  • Todd Richman and our Wildcat Foundation for raising funds to support the event
  • Michael Scaturro, our district Athletic Director, for overseeing all of the events

[Thanks to Mr. Scaturro for some of the photos!]


5 Thoughts

  1. Let’s not forget a few members of the cheer team who donated their own time, money and skills to homecoming yesterday!

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