8th Grade Club Fair Presents Wheatley’s Co-curricular Offerings to the Class of 2023!

The more students are engaged in school, the happier and more successful they are! In order to help our newest students understand the many offerings available to them at Wheatley, we hold an 8th Grade Club Fair to showcase our co-curricular offerings. Our older students set up display tables to showcase their club or activity, encouraging the 8th Graders to sign up for their club and attend the weekly meetings.

Wheatley has a variety of clubs and activities available to all students. A full listing (with descriptions) can be found on Wheatley’s website: http://www.ewsdonline.org/TWS/12484-Untitled.html

Before the students attended the Club Fair, the 8th Grade Student Senate elections were held.

You can view a copy of the video used to promote the various clubs below. All 8th Graders saw this video before the Club Fair!


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