Spring Concert (Part 2) Wraps Up the 2017-18 Season!

The second of our two spring concerts was held earlier this evening (Tuesday, 5 June) in the Wheatley Auditorium. The evening featured our Intermediate Orchestra (under the direction of Angela Luftig), our Concert Orchestra (under the direction of Stan Orlovsky), our Chorale (under the direction of Angela Luftig with Rick Wilson as accompanist), our Honors String Ensemble (under the direction of Angela Luftig) and our Symphonic Orchestra (under the direction of Stan Orlovsky).

The concert featured scores of student performers, with 20 of them being members of the Class of 2018. These graduating students have committed countless hours to our music program over the years. We are grateful for their participation and wish them a music-filled life as they graduate from Wheatley!

The graduating seniors include:

  • Sufia Ainechi
  • Adeel Anwar
  • Michaela Balboni
  • Devyn Bennett
  • Rachel Bergsohn
  • Roxane Ghadami
  • Megan Klein
  • Vani Kumar
  • Luke Mazzeo
  • Erin Patterson
  • Jessica Poomkudy
  • Anusha Ramnarayan
  • Amanda Roit
  • Saman Suleman
  • Justin Vega
  • Ally Wang
  • Emily Wang
  • Aiden Wong
  • Carol Wu
  • Ann Yan

A special part of this concert was the tribute to Rachel May, our North Side orchestra teacher, who is retiring at the end of this year. Justin Vega provided a powerful statement as to Mrs. May’s impact on the students performing tonight.

Another special part of the concert was the debut of Justin Vega’s original piece, Serendipity, performed by our Symphonic Orchestra and conducted by Justin Vega.


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