Jo Beth Roberts Recognized as Nassau School Librarian of the Year!

Earlier today, our very own Jo Beth Roberts was recognized as the Nassau County School Librarian of the Year! I was honored to have nominated Jo Beth and was thrilled to be able to present her for this recognition at the final meeting of Nassau School Librarians!

Jo Beth is an extraordinary librarian! Our school, our district and our community are all very fortunate to have her as part of our learning community.

After being introduced, Jo Beth shared some words and even a brief presentation about her pathway to becoming a school librarian!

Jo Beth’s husband, Jamie, accompanied her to the ceremony. Present as well were Jo Beth’s colleagues, Diane Ilkiw (Willets Road) and Karen Homer (North Side). Ed Kemnitzer, our Director of Innovation and Technology (and recipient of last year’s Administrator of the Year Award), was also present.


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