Wheatley Regional Championship Science Bowl Team is in DC for the National Championship!

On Thursday morning, I had the pleasure of accompanying our Regional Science Quiz Bowl team to Washington, DC, for the National Championship Competition. The team consists of:

  • John Li (12th Grade)
  • Karen Li (10th Grade)
  • Victor Li (9th Grade)
  • Vedant Singh (11th Grade)
  • Elan Mizhiritsky (12th Grade)

The team advisor, Alexis Pace, joined us earlier this afternoon.

The Science Quiz Bowl is sponsored by the Department of Energy. Making it to the National Finals is a significant accomplishment. As such, the students are being treated like minor celebrities, with flights and shuttle service paid for by the Science Bowl Competition, commemorative shirts and other paraphernalia, and a varied and fascinating set of activities.

After a welcome assembly and some dinner on Thursday, finalists where brought to DC for a wonderful evening tour of some of the monuments, including the Jefferson Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial. As the we were touring these sites, we connected with Mr. Crotty and our Brainstormers team—they were in DC for the finals of the JV Quiz Bowl! We enjoyed bringing our groups together for a bit of time as we toured the monuments on a beautiful evening!

This morning, students were treated to a plenary presentation by the mathematician, computer scientist (and MacArthur Fellow) Craig Gentry. It was an outstanding presentation about his breakthrough in fully homomorphic encryption. Dr. Gentry was followed by the Secretary of the Department of Energy, Rick Perry, who highlighted the importance of the research and work being done on the country’s various labs.

The competition begins with an opening round on Saturday, culminating in the finals on Monday. Good luck to the team!

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