Wheatley Students Achieve in Italian Poetry Contest!

Congratulations to our Wheatley Italian students for their excellent performance in the Italian Poetry Contest held at SUNY Old Westbury on Friday, 13 April.  Senior Adeel Anwar won 3rd place in the Level 3 category for his recitation of Dante Aligheri’s poem, “Tanto gentile e tanto onesta pare.”

Receiving Honorable Mention in their respective categories were:

  • Eric Ness (Level 2)
  • Patrick Brady (Level 3)
  • Cecilia Jozef (Level 4)

Other participants included:

  • Dean Sheinman
  • Victoria Mora
  • Jason Liu

This annual event is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Italian.

Special thanks to Mrs. Susan Vasselman for her continued commitment and devotion to providing our Italian students with the opportunities to participate in such meaningful competitions.

Cecelia, Adeel, Patrick and Eric
Adeel with his 3rd Place Recognition

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