A Dozen Wheatley Students Participate in the Women in STEM Conference!

On Monday, 12 March, Mr. Storck and Mr. Chisholm accompanied a group of female Engineering students to the Cradle of Aviation Museum for a Women in STEM conference.  The students had an opportunity to talk to three women in the Engineering field who work or have worked for NASA, the Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, and East/West Industries.  The conference was moderated by Carol Silva from News 12.

Our student participants included:

  • Reina Chintamaneni
  • Stephanie Clarfield
  • Grace Ducroiset
  • Gabby D’Ayala
  • Jaclyn Denicker
  • Anne Kozallca
  • Madeline Lindenauer
  • Kylie Ramhalette
  • Natalie Scudero
  • Sage Silber
  • Jade Sullivan
  • Elizabeth Yuen

Thank you to Mr. Storck and Mr. Chisholm for the photos and write-up!

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