John, Vedant and Brandon Succeed at Modeling the Future Contest!

This past weekend, three of our students had the unique opportunity to participate in the Modeling the Future Contest, a national contest sponsored by the Actuarial Foundation.  For this year’s contest, teams were to develop mathematical models on how autonomous cars are going to revolutionize our future. Submissions had to identify the changes and impact that students foresee autonomous vehicles having in the transportation industry, the insurance industry and society at large.

For the first round, students were given data that had to be analyzed, and use the data to develop mathematical models of how autonomous vehicles would affect the industries previously mentioned.  Wheatley’s team of John Li, Vedant Singh and Brandon Zhu used this data to write a 30-page paper describing in detail how the data would affect all of the above industries. In a thoughtful and unexpected addition, the team also provided examples of how our legal system could change!
Based on their work, for the first round, Wheatley was one of six teams to win an all-expense paid trip to NYC to compete in the second and final round!  Wheatley was the only school from New York to advance to the finals.  Finalists were also treated to a visit to the National Museum of Mathematics, as well as a “Night at the Museum” style view of the Museum of the City of New York.

The second round was composed of two parts.  First, the six teams were to present their findings to a panel of 12 judges.  After their presentations, each team had a question and answer round.
The students did extremely well in this final round, earning 3rd place!  This recognition is accompanied by a $10,000 college scholarship for the team!!  Congratulations Brandon, Vedant and John! Thanks as well to Robert Teseo, our mathematics chair, for guiding the students and accompanying them for the final round.
[Thanks to Robert Teseo for the write-up and the photos.]

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