Wheatley Team Competes in Finals of Modeling the Future Challenge!

We are extremely pleased to announce that a team of Wheatley students will be competing in the finals of the inaugural Modeling the Future Challenge! From a cohort of 52 teams and 139 students across the country, Wheatley was one of  6 teams selected to participate in the Modeling the Future Symposium, where they will present their final models for how autonomous vehicles will change the future to a panel of expert judges from the actuarial industry. The finalists will also be eligible for $55,000 in college scholarships!

A challenge like this requires many levels of analysis and critical thinking that one does not regularly see in the classroom, but that is an everyday aspect of many careers. The Actuarial Foundation hopes that everyone continues to explore new mathematics classes, majors, and ultimately careers using actuarial science!

The students will be competing this weekend in Manhattan! Advised by our Secondary Chair, Robert Teseo, the team of students is comprised of:

  • John Li
  • Vedant Singh
  • Brandon Zhu

Good luck to the students!


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