Wheatley Model UN Team Succeeds at Boston Invitational!

On the weekend of 9 February, twenty-six Wheatley students descended on Boston to compete in the Boston Invitational Model United Nations Conference (BosMUN), hosted by Boston University.

From discussing the threat of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal to the Kosovo War, and even the colonizing endeavors of an imaginary island, Wheatley students solved international problems in UN simulations. Building upon the experience gained from WHEMUNC (the Wheatley hosted conference held in December), delegates were able to successfully compromise and represent their respective nations.

The following students were selected to compete as part of the Wheatley delegation:

  • Rahul Ajmera
  • Zachary Azevedo
  • Michaela Balboni
  • Patrick Brady
  • Maggie Caroddo
  • Jacob Chimerine
  • Kevin Contreras
  • Aidan Cozzolino
  • Caroline Crimmins
  • Peter Cuomo
  • Tony Deluxe
  • Sarah Hassan
  • Layla Jarrahy
  • Brett Katz
  • Teddy Koutsoftas
  • James Li
  • Aamir Muneer
  • Ilana Nimkoff
  • Jessica Poomkudy
  • Jacob Ribotsky
  • John Scudero
  • Manan Shukla
  • Brenden Resnick
  • Caleb Varghese
  • Ashley Vincenzo
  • Brenda Zhong

At the end of the conference, five Wheatley students won awards out of the over 1500 students that attended! Those who received recognition include:

Best Position Paper

  • Manan Shukla
  • John Scudero

Honorable Mention (3rd Place)

  • James Li

Outstanding Delegate (2nd Place)

  • Kevin Contreras
  • Ashley Vincenzo

Congratulations to all of the participants! Thanks to Rahul Ajmera and John Scudero for the write-up and some of the photos! Thanks as well to Mr. Michael Haig and Mr. Stan Orlovsky for chaperoning the trip!

One thought

  1. Never fails, the photographer’s son has his head lopped off! 😃 Congrats to all the students!!

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