The Wheatley Brainstormers Persevere at Columbia Spring Tournament!

On Saturday, 17 February, The Wheatley Brainstormers competed in the Spring Tournament of the Columbia Cup at Columbia University in Manhattan. The Spring Tournament was the final competition in a series of three academic quiz bowl tournaments, known collectively as the Columbia Cup, hosted by the Columbia University Academic Quiz Bowl Team.

At the start of the week before the competition, The Wheatley Brainstormers planned on sending two teams of five students each to the competition. Due to the flu, only three students were healthy enough to compete on Saturday morning! A team of three dedicated students, Rahul Ajmera, Avinash Reddy, and Frederick Lin, all underclassmen, competed against academic quiz bowl teams from the metropolitan area in five rounds of competitions.

During the morning competitions, the team emerged with a hard-fought 2-2 record. During the afternoon consolation rounds, the three Wheatley students made an impressive comeback with a 3-0 record. At the end of the tournament, Frederick Lin was awarded a medal for winning 1st place, PPG (points-per-game) in the Standard Division of the Spring Tournament. Frederick has won two PPG medals during the course of the Columbia Cup.

Congratulations to Rahul, Avinash and Freddy for their determination to overcome obstacles and compete under difficult circumstances. Thank you to Advisor Joseph Crotty for accompanying the students to the competition, providing the write-up and sharing the photos!

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