Students Present AP Seminar Projects!

Wheatley’s AP Capstone Program is College Board program designed to help students learn the research, collaboration and communication skills necessary for success in college and beyond. You can learn more about this relatively new two-year program here: AP Capstone Program.

The first year of our AP Capstone Program consists of the AP Seminar course. Taught by Mrs. Alexis Blondrage Pace and Mr. Andrew Ardito, the AP Seminar course requires students to investigate topics from multiple perspectives, collaborate with classmates, synthesize new information and deliver presentations in multiple modalities.

The AP Seminar course is a wonderful, accessible course for our 10th-grade students.

On 30 January, students in this year’s AP Seminar course presented their group presentations each other and to the three evaluators: Mrs. Blondrage Pace, Mr. Ardito and Mrs. Roberts. As you can see from the listing below, the presentations included a wide-range of topics. The score students earned on this presentation factors into the overall AP score given at the end of the academic year.

  • Affirmative Action: Zach Azevedo, Jason Koty, Aidan Wong and Dean Sheinman
  • War on Drugs: Chloe Lanese, Fernando Macedo and Sanjana Khana
  • Chemical and Nuclear Weapons: Sahil Jain, Emily Yagoda and Aidan Cozzolino
  • Foster Care System: Ally Keller, Eliana Li, Erin Wu and Alia Yamin
  • The Role of Technology in the Classroom: Ilana Nimkoff, Emily Blumberg, Izzy Avila and Becca Zeltsman
  • Native American Rights: Rahul Ajmera, Brenden Resnick, Ashley Vincenzo and Brenda Zhong
  • Women’s Health Care: Rachel Lee, Allison Zheng and Alyssa Belle
  • Gun Control: Danyal Zulfiqar, Derek Gilbert and Ashis Kumar
  • Capital Punishment: Maggie Caroddo, Hailey Ramalhete and Diya Shah


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