Regional Studies and Life Skills Students Visit Raynham Hall!

On Friday, January 26th, students from Mr. Crotty’s Regional Studies Class and Mrs. Laurino’s Life Skills Class participated in a field trip to Raynham Hall in Oyster Bay and Angelina’s Pizzeria in Williston Park. At Raynham Hall, students learned about important aspects of life for Long Islanders during the 18th and 19th centuries, respectively. The highlight of the tour was when students learned about Robert Townsend Jr.’s (the owner of Raynham Hall during the American Revolution) involvement in George Washington’s Culper Spy Ring. The students even learned how to decode and read the Culper Spy Ring’s unique code system.

As one of Mr. Crotty’s History Professor’s once told him, “If you visit a historical site, make sure you find a good place to have lunch after your visit.” Therefore, in keeping with this important tradition, the students had lunch at Angelina’s Pizzeria in Williston Park. At Angelina’s, the students enjoyed good food, conversation, and company. Mr. Crotty and Mrs. Laurino’s classes are looking forward to their next field trip together in the Spring!

[Thanks to Mr. Crotty for the write-up and Mr. Greco for the photos!]

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