Wheatley’s Midterm Experience Connects Classroom to Career! (Part 4)

Wheatley’s Midterm Experience is designed to give our 9th and 10th grade students hands-on workshops to provide insight into how English can be used in future endeavors. On Wednesday, over the course of two hours, students worked with acclaimed authors, poets, comedians and creative artists in activities designed to engage students in a way that can be challenging during the regular school day.

The Midterm Experience occurs thanks to the dedication of our Secondary English Chair, Mr. Steve Collier, our extraordinary librarian, Mrs. JoBeth Roberts, and our dedicated English teachers.

previous post and another post and another post highlighted some of the workshops. Here are a few more of the wonderful workshops:

Sports Broadcasting

Michael Chisena (School of Communications, Hofstra)

Dan Savarino (Instructor, News12 Varsity PxP, Freelance PxP, former NY Islanders Reporter/Color analyst, Station Manager of WRHU-FM)

Julia Esposito (student with the program, currently a freshman at Hofstra pursuing the field; member of WRHU-FM, Hofstra Sports Beat)

We hear them during Sunday football, we watch them on ESPN, and we read their columns and Tweets to get the latest news. Sports journalism comes in a variety of different ways, but how do they know what to say? In this workshop, students learned the on-air side of the industry. Learning from current professionals who have covered athletics from the professional level to high school, students had a chance to learn hands-on on what it’s like to read from a teleprompter or interview someone on camera.


Write Your Own Graphic Memoir!

by Todd Henao, Wheatley English Teacher

Do you love comic books? Do you like talking about yourself? Is there a story you’ve been itching to tell? In this seminar, students looked at examples from writers and artists of comic-book based, personal stories. They then deconstructed these comics to learn and analyze all of the things that go into creating an original comic. Finally, students adapted their own personal stories into an original graphic memoir! Can’t draw? No problem! Good storytelling can still happen even if you don’t have artistic skill.


Engage, Organize, and Act! Political Activism for Young Citizens

by Jen Fatone, Wheatley English Teacher

Political activism has been surging in recent years. Engaged citizens from all across the political spectrum are writing letters, making phone calls, signing petitions, marching in the streets…. But to whom are they writing? And how do they make sure that their message is heard? Whom do they call, and what do they say? Do petitions really make a difference? What is the purpose of a march or rally, and what do I do once I join one?

Participants explored these questions as they learn how to effectively take action to promote causes that are important to them. A healthy democracy demands that no matter what our political leanings, we are all active and engaged citizens. Whether you lean Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Progressive, somewhere in the middle, or none of the above, this workshop permitted students to decide what issue you feel passionate about and inspired students to take action. As a culminating activity, students will write a letter and/or compose an email to a local, state, and/or federal representative.

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