Class of 2018 Entertains a Packed Crowd for Varsity Revue!

Last night, to a packed auditorium of classmates, family and friends, members of the Class of 2018 entertained us with the annual “Varsity Revue,” a fine blend of entertainment and satire. With skits that touched upon the uniqueness of their Wheatley experience—including their teacher quirks and the “just missed” moments of their class over the years—the students did a terrific job!

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 for a wonderful production. Particular thanks to:

  • Megan Kirschner, Director
  • Rikki Gassman and Jason Manzano, Hosts
  • Bert Cumming, Ally Kim, Megan Kirschner and John Li, Class Officers
  • Sana Haroon, Ticketing
  • Ananya Bansal, Katie Clark, Costumes
  • Jamie Horowitz, Jamie Koenigsberg, Heather Kopp, PR
  • Michelle Raja, Set Design
  • Sana Haroon, Michelle Raja, Props
  • Bert Cumming, Aidan Pereira, Ilan Zarin, Lighting and Tech
  • Matthew and Michael Haig, Class Advisors
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