Wheatley’s Midterm Experience Connects Classroom to Career! (Part 3)

Wheatley’s Midterm Experience is designed to give our 9th and 10th grade students hands-on workshops to provide insight into how English can be used in future endeavors. On Wednesday, over the course of two hours, students worked with acclaimed authors, poets, comedians and creative artists in activities designed to engage students in a way that can be challenging during the regular school day.

The Midterm Experience occurs thanks to the dedication of our Secondary English Chair, Mr. Steve Collier, our extraordinary librarian, Mrs. JoBeth Roberts, and our dedicated English teachers.

previous post and another post highlighted some of the workshops. Here are a few more of the wonderful workshops:

Improvisation: Make Your Partner Look Good!

by Rick Leidenfrost Wilson

In this workshop, students explored the theatrical art of improvisation through games, movement, and scene building.  They used games such as Freeze TagWho Started the Motion?, and Seeing a Sport to build awareness and confidence, and to discover the comedy and drama in our interactions with each other.  Mr. Leidenfrost drew on his experience as a playwright, actor, producer, and director to help students through all aspects of improvisation.



by Elise May (performer, teaching artist, teacher, elocution and dialect coach)

Can’t get enough of that Ted talk?  Be the inspirational speaker you know you can be!  Using short personal writing based on “I have a dream,” this workshop incorporated theater voice games and techniques to give students the confidence to boldly go where they haven’t gone before.  Your words have power – learn to let your voice have power, too!


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