8th Graders Visit the Tenement Museum!

Mr. Eckers’ and Mr. Clarke’s 8th grade social studies classes braved the cold on Wednesday and took a trip to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, home to generations of immigrants to the United States.  The trip coincided with the eighth grade study of immigration, urbanization, and the Progressive Era.

Students spent most of the day learning at the Tenement Museum, a fantastic New York City resource.  They were able to see, first hand, what life was like in the ethnic enclave before and after the turn of the last century.  The museum brought to life the stories and photos that the students have read and analyzed in their social studies classes.  After the museum, the group went on a short walking tour of the neighborhood and got to sample some of its traditional foods such as pickles and homemade bagels.  Students saw the Forward Building, the Essex Street Market, and other sights along the way.

Thanks to Mr. Clarke, Mr. Ardito, Ms. Seferian, Mr. Eckers and Mr. Chisholm for accompanying the students for the day!

[Thanks to Mr. Eckers for the photos and write-up!]

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