Wheatley Cybercats are Finalist in their First Competition of the Year!

On Saturday, November 18th, the Wheatley Cybercats competed in the 6th annual Half Hollow Hills FRC Invitational. One of the purposes of this early competition is to give robotics teams across the region an opportunity to experience the demands of a competition before heading into the Spring season competitions.

In the spirit of the off-season invitational, many younger team members got the chance to be a driver, pilot, or gear feeder— all of which are very high-stress positions.

The Cybercats were able to make it all the way to the finals matches, winning 4 matches during the single elimination games, and losing the best of three finals matches by a close margin.

This is the second year in a row that the Cybercats were finalists at the HHH Invitational. This is also the second year that the Cybercats competed at the HHH Invitational, meaning that they have a 100% finalist rate!

As Steamworks comes to a close, we begin to prepare for FRC PowerUp and for our competitions in April!

Led by coaches Patrick Hurley, Joseph Fina and John Goodman (Class of 2016), the Cybercats who participated in the invitational event included:

  • Zachary Azevedo
  • William Cafarelli
  • Eric Chu
  • Nadav Cohen
  • Michael Cornachia
  • Joe Feimer
  • Jonathan Friedrich
  • Jamie Horowitz
  • Abhishek Kumar
  • James Marini
  • Elan Mizhiritsky
  • Justin Parker
  • Steven Popovitz
  • Natalie Scudero
  • Neil Shah
  • Arham Sheraz
  • Ashley Vincenzo
  • Danyal Zulfiqar

Thank you to Cybercats team member Elan Mizhiritzy for the write-up and collection of photos!

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