Mrs. Jacobson’s Spanish Students Express their Thanks!

Mrs. Jacobson often challenges her Spanish students to engage with Spanish language and culture in a creative, practical or thoughtful manner. Just before our Thanksgiving recess, Mrs. Jacobson had her students complete a project that has brightened the spirits of so many in our learning community!

The assignment given to the students was to write a few sentences (in Spanish) about an adult employee for whom they are thankful. Mrs. Jacobson made sure the students considered not just teachers, but the many other adults working in the building: monitors, cafeteria aides, custodians, bus drivers and the like. The sentences of thanks were written on colorful paper and then placed on three separate bulletin boards throughout the school.

What an impact these notes have had on the adults! I have had so many conversations with the some of the adults who were thanked in this manner and they have described how touched they were by the words. Many of them took pictures of the notes on the bulletin boards so they could show their families at home. The adults mentioned that the notes made them so feel so grateful during the Thanksgiving break.

Thanks to Mrs. Jacobson for having the students complete a project that helps them practice their Spanish while brightening the spirits of so many in our school!

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