More Wheatley Students Earn Girl Scouts Silver Award!

A few weeks ago, I shared news about three of our 9th graders earning their Girl Scouts Silver Award. In fact, we had a total of 10 Wheatley 9th Graders earn this presitigious recognition! All of these students were from Troop 1849, and they have been led since kindergarten by Mrs. Lauri Palmieri!

Congratulations to all of the students on earning this terrific recognition!

Troop 1849 – Silver Award Projects
  1. Alexandra Castiglie – “Launching 94 Superstars” – PS 94 is an underprivileged school that wanted to launch a volleyball team.  Aly recruited girls to try out and received a commitment from the school that practices and games would be held this year and going forward.  Aly was able to provide the team with all the necessary equipment including  t-shirts needed for a successful season.
  1. Jaclyn Denicker – “Organizing Headstart” – Headstart is program serving underprivileged children in a neighboring community.  Jaclyn built a cabinet to store the art supplies and winter gear she collected for the children.  She organized the supplies, toys and winter gear so the children have a better experience at Headstart.
  1. Kayla Gray and Aarushi Jain – “The Lending Library” – This project brought an accessible library to the residents of The Bristal.  Kayla and Aarushi built a cart and started a portable library at The Bristal.  The portable library makes books accessible to residents who can’t visit the library on their own.
  1. Madeline Lindenauer, Grace Quinn & Sage Silber – “Fostering Awareness for Foster Care” – Department of Social Services serves 300 children in foster care in Nassau County.  This project brought awareness to the system serving these children.  Madeline, Grace and Sage assembled birthday boxes containing everything needed for a birthday party.  They received commitments from troops to continue putting together boxes in 2018.
  1. Natalie Scudero and Olivia Palmieri – “Bringing Awareness to EB” – Epidermolysis Bullosa is a rare genetic disease of which not many people are aware.  Children born with EB lack the protein Collagen VII. Without this protein, the skin is sheer because the layers are not fused together, and blisters occur at the slightest touch.  Natalie and Olivia solicited donations from various companies that manufacturer or distribute products needed by a local child suffering from this disease, they hosted a younger troop at a cupcake decorating class to receive additional donations, and educated the community about this terrible disease.
  1. Gabriella Testani – “Children Interview Room” – Children who are the subjects of family court cases are traumatized by what is going on in their homes.  The interview process can also be traumatic.  Gabriella set up a room to make these children more comfortable.  Gabriella painted a mural in the room and set up book and toy shelves.  The room is used by hundreds of children a month and will hopefully make them feel more comfortable when meeting with an attorney.


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