Students Keep the Hempstead Plains Alive During the Day of Service and Learning

Wheatley is fortunate to have a large expanse of space available for students. The “Wheatley Woods” is a popular destination for our cross country athletes and our science students. Some of the last remaining parts of the Hempstead Plains are incorporated within the Wheatley Woods. As part of our 9th Annual Day of Service and Learning, students spent the day cleaning up the Wheatley Woods by removing some of the invasive species that can overrun the area.

Led by Steve Finkelstein, Kevin Meyers and DJ Paulson — with the tireless support of our grounds crew — students spent the day clearing some of the invasive species that continually threaten to overrun the plains.

Thanks to Mr. Paulson for many of the photos! (If you look closely, you can notice the before and after impact of their work.)

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