#Homecoming2017 Kicks off with a Pep Rally and a Fundraiser!

Our Homecoming celebration kicked off with a terrific Pep Rally and Fundraiser at the end of the day! Organized by our Student Senate, the pep rally was one a terrific combination of spirit, fun and community service!

With students decked out in Red, White or their team uniforms, our Fall athletic teams were introduced by the team captains, with music provided by our wonderful Jazz Band.

A highlight of the event was the “Pie in the Face” fundraiser. As part of this fundraiser, students challenged individual teachers to a fundraising competition. Whoever raised the most money would earn the right to “pie” the other person in the face! All of the money raised would go to Hurricane Relief for Puerto Rico.

Twenty-four pairs of students-teachers entered this challenge, raising a combined total of $8,152.38! Of course, every student managed to out-fundraise the faculty member! As a result, two dozen faculty members were pied in the face — all for a great cause!

Thank you to Ms. Chanin-Bermudez, our Student Senate Advisor, for her work on the wonderful event. Thank you as well to the following faculty members for taking up the Pie in the Face Challenge:

  • Ms. Luftig
  • Dr. Staudt
  • Mr. Abdale
  • Mr. Wilson
  • Mr. Paulson
  • Mr. Plana
  • Ms. Guyton
  • Mr. Clarke
  • Mr. Teseo
  • Ms. Maier
  • Mr. Rivero
  • Mr. Gottlieb
  • Mr. Hurley
  • Mr. Dinowitz
  • Ms. Rogala
  • Mr. Dunn
  • Mr. Collier
  • Ms. Pace
  • Ms. Blum
  • Mr. Meyers
  • Ms. Chanin-Bermudez
  • Dr. Feeney
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