Manav Bansal Wins New York State Archives Student Research Award!

Earlier this month, we were notified that Manav Bansal (Class of 2021) was recognized by the New York State Archives as the winner of the Grade 6-8 Student Research Award.

Manav’s research paper, Taking a Stand by Taking a Leap: Jesse Owens and His Fight for Social Justice, was based on his use of records from the NYS Historic Newspaper Archives, the National Archives, the Chicago Tribune Archives and the Lantern Digital Archives at Ohio State University.

Manav wrote about how Jesse Owens’ achievements at the 1936 Berlin Olympics “forged a path for social justice, setting the stage for the Civil Rights Movement.” Manave reviewed Supreme Court documents, archived newspaper articles, correspondence, Executive Orders, memoirs, telegrams and speeches to exam Owens’ decision to compete in Berlin (where he won four gold medals and broke three world records).

Manav’s research showed that at a time when discrimination, segregation and racism were rampant in Nazi Germany and the United States, Owens’ accomplishments forced Americans to recognized black achievements and were a catalyst for dismantling segregation in America.

The judges commended manna’s research skills, and his analysis and extensive use of historical records.

Manav will be presented with his award at a luncheon on October 24th at the Cultural Education Center in Albany.

Congratulations to Manav for this wonderful recognition! Thanks to Ms. Roberts, Mr. Ardito and Mr. Michael Haig for their support of Manav in his work.


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