EWSD Convocation for the 2017-18 School Year!

Before all of the students arrive at our district’s three schools, we kick off the new year with an opening Convocation—this year’s held on Thursday morning. At this event, teachers, administrators, staff and community members throughout the district came together to meet new staff members and share their vision and hopes for the upcoming school years.

After a greeting from our Superintendent, Dr. Elaine Kanas, and our Board President, Mark Kamberg, the building principals (and our new PPS Director, Dr. Lynne Mazza) introduced the new staff members to the district. After everyone was introduced, we used Padlet to dynamically share or hopes for this new school year.

A highlight of this year’s Convocation was hearing for Bert Cumming, the President of the Class of 2018. In a thoughtful and appreciative manner, Bert shared his appreciation for each of the district’s schools, highlighting their importance in helping him develop into the outstanding student he has become.

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