Class of 2022 is Welcomed to Wheatley!

One of the wonderful aspects of working in a school is the sense of rebirth that comes with the start of every school year! With new students, new staff members, new supplies and new initiatives, the start of the school year brings with it the opportunity to continue working and improving on our school’s mission.

This past Tuesday and Wednesday, our Guidance Department, our Wheatley Welcomers and many of our faculty welcomed its newest students: members of the Class of 2022! As part of the 8th Grade Orientation, students had an opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities, including:

  • a tour the building and a walk-through of their schedule
  • a highlight of some of the parts of the student agenda
  • a presentation on Social Media safety from Officer Ramon Lajara from the NCPD
  • team building activities through our “Guidance Olympics”
  • a presentation on resolving problems and issues as a student
  • pickup of their Chromebook
  • pickup of their locks and selection of their lockers

With over 115 students participating in the orientation program, the two half-days were filled with fun and excitement!

[Thanks to Dawn Muscarnera for the photos!]

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