Students Earn National Ranking on French Grand Concours!

The American Association of Teachers of French recently released the results of the Grand Concours (National French Exam) with seven Wheatley students finishing well in the national rankings.

Eighth grader Sarah Hassan received platinum status for her performance on the level 1 exam.  Amy Coombs, National French Contest Administrator, stated, “A Platinum winner is the highest award in Le Grand Concours – this student earned the top score in the nation in his/her respective level/division.  The award includes a platinum medal, a plaque for the student and a Lauréat National certificate.”

Classmates Layla Jarrahy and Manav Bansal earned gold, followed by Anya Chabria with silver and junior Adeel Anwar with bronze.

Freshman Emily Yagoda won gold in level 2 and Sophomore Jamie Ryan won bronze in the level 3 category.

Adeel Anwar now holds medals from all three associations (American Associations of Teachers of French, Italian and Spanish & Portuguese).

Congratulations to all the students and Wheatley French teacher, Mr. Jean François Henley.  Thanks to Mrs. Anderson for the write-up and Mrs. Checkla for the photos!

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