English 10P Talks Reveal a Wide Range of Student Interests and Passions!

On Wednesday, 31 May, students in our English 10P Honors courses invited friends, family and special guests to the second annual “Ten P Talks.” Modeled after the well-known Ted Talks, these student presentations aimed to answer the question, “What Matters?” Students chose topics that reflected their passions and interests, aiming to educate and inform the audience in under ten minutes.

The topics and presenters were quite impressive! Congratulations to the students, and thank you to Lauren Blum and Stephen Collier, who organized and helped the students through their presentations!

My one regret was that the two-hour block prevented me from seeing more than seven of the presentations!

The students and topics presented include:

  • Dina Aldad: “Sleepwalking Through Life”
  • Karan Amin: “Perfecting the Happiness Formula”
  • Sarah Amselem: “Living Abroud: Its True Importance”
  • Lucy Brancaccio: “Serial Killers: Evil or Ill?”
  • Megan Chau: “Speak Up—You’re Too Quiet”
  • Tony Deluxe: “The Perils of Populism”
  • Lauren Druz: “Social Media: Is it a True Connection?”
  • Lainey Fordin: “Traveling Away from the Resort”
  • Charlotte Goldbaum: “Criticism Makes Us Stronger”
  • Sofia Greenfield: “Shoulda Woulda Coulda (Battling Regret)”
  • Brittney Guerra: “Your Beauty Products are Killing You”
  • Jonathan Hahami: “Creating Teenage Millionaires—Corporations and Basketball”
  • Farah Hasan: “Why Humanity should NOT Strive for a Utopian Society”
  • Tiffany Jiao: “Fashion: More than Just Clothes”
  • Amanda Kim: “Putting Things Off—The Right Way”
  • Diana Kokotos: “That’s Not Me—Presenting Our True Selves”
  • Matt Kreitzer: “Professional Brain Damage (Football and Concussions)”
  • Kristen Leong: “Give Stress a Big Hug”
  • Pricilla Prasad: “The Teen Brain: Navigating Adolescence Through Biology”
  • Avani Ramnarayan: “Changing Traditional Ideas—with a Little Bit of Make-up”
  • Jacob Ribotsky: “Evolutionary Psychology’s Biggest Flaw”
  • Brooke Schwartz: “Feed the World—Not Your Phone”
  • John Scudero: “Stuck in the Middle With You (On Civil Discourse)”
  • Manan Shukla: “The Fermi’s Paradox: Life on Other Planets”
  • Vedant Singh: “Deriving the Relevance of Mathematics”
  • Caleb Varghese: “Chess: A Social and Educational Remedy”
  • Dustin Wong: “Why We Need Slang”
  • Justin Wu: “Pollution? Haven’t Heard That Name in Years”
  • Kenton Wu: “The Hidden Benefits of Laziness”
  • Camellia Ye: “Listening to the Dying Language of Trees”
  • Brandon Zhu: “Stop Trying to do Everything: The Real Recipe for Success”
  • Mara Zuckerman: “755 Months—Don’t Count Your Days; Make Your Days Count”

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