Wheatley Travelers Finishing Up their Time in Peru!

Domenique and Patrick provided the following update of one of the final full days in Peru.

We left San Jose to Paracas where we went to Ballestas Island. There we saw the Humboldt penguins, sea lions, and birds unique to the area. We also learned about the war of the Pacific.

Afterwards, we went to a really nice hotel where we played volleyball and soccer outside and swam in the pool. Next we got on the bus to go to the desert. We went on go carts and it was like a rollercoaster as we rode through the dunes. Finally we came to this one dune where we took boards down like sleds. The desert was really cool as it was just miles and miles of nothing as far as you could see. We came back to the bus really sandy and tired and then slept the entire way back to Lima.

After we came back from Paracas, Tomas had a goodbye party for all the Wheatley students and their hosts. The party began at 11:30 and everyone was there. There was music, food, and a lot of dancing. The party ended at 4 am, and throughout those 4 and a half hours, everyone was dancing, singing, talking and just enjoying their last night in Peru. The party brought everyone together and it was a good way to celebrate the end of an amazing trip.

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