Meet the 2017 PTO Teacher of the Year!

At last night’s Academic Awards Evening, a highlight was the presentation of the PTO Teacher of the Year. This annual award is voted on by the parents and presented by the PTO near the end of the evening. This year’s recipient was one of our veteran mathematics teachers, Danielle Calvagno! The award was presented by Mrs. Diane Cumming, PTO co-president.

This is what was read about Ms. Calvagno:

The recipient of this year’s PTO Teacher of the Year award is a professional who has managed to take a challenging subject and inspire students to do their best both inside and outside the classroom. The commitment to students and subject matter shines clearly each and every day, each and every period. This teacher has been able to approach the subject matter in a way that permits students to better understand it and apply it.

One parent described this teacher as “amazing,” praising the teacher’s “relaxed classroom environment that is both serious but enjoyable.” Another parent praised this teacher’s willingness to inspire her daughter to achieve success in the subject matter. Yet another parent described this teacher as someone who is “very sweet and very demanding.”

Overseeing a classroom that is filled with activity from beginning to end, this teacher gets students talking to each other, working with each other and even arguing with each other!

Outside of the classroom, this teacher is a wonderful role model for students and colleagues alike. A committed professional, this veteran teacher has taken on the challenge of developing a brand new course for our youngest students and preparing one of our most challenging courses for our oldest students.

Supportive of students and passionate of subject, this teacher holds students to high standards and does everything possible to help them achieve upwards.

Please join us in congratulating Danielle Calvagno as this year’s PTO Teacher of the Year.

One thought

  1. Love these pictures!! So happy the pto can honor such an incredible teacher!

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