Wheatley Students Continue to Enjoy Time in Peru!

Emily and Dustin provided the following update on the student trip to Peru:

Yesterday, in Cuzco, we went to an Incan Museum where we saw artifacts found around the area. A highlight was seeing the mummies, which remained in the same position in which mummified centuries ago.

We then went to a local store where Señor Rivero knew when growing up. We bought LOTS! After shopping, dressing up in cool Peruvian gear with fake llamas, we went to get ready for our cultural dinner called Dama Juana back in Lima. Almost every girl was slaying the game when doing their makeup on the airplane during turbulence.

We ended the day in Lima with delicious, traditional Peruvian food. We found the dinner to be extremely entertaining, with the dancing to be both culturally informing and interesting. Watching our fellow students shaking fire out from the towels was funny, and we greatly enjoyed the whole experience.

Tuvimos mucha diversión!!!

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