John Li Earns a Top 50 Score on National Chemistry Olympiad!

This past March, Wheatley Junior, John Li, participated in the Local National Chemistry Olympiad exam at Adelphi University. Over 16,000 students nationwide participate in the local exam. John scored high enough on the local exam to qualify to participate in the National exam. The national exam is a three part, four hour, forty-five minute exam. John took this exam in April at Adelphi. The top twenty students in the nation who score the highest on this exam are selected to be on the United States Chemistry Olympiad team to compete internationally.

Although John did not quite crack the top 20 in the nation, he did score in the top 50 in the nation. This is a truly a great accomplishment. Congratulations to John!

Thanks to Dr. Casamento for the write-up and Mrs. Checkla for the photo!

2017-05-16 11.40.39

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