SWS Picnic Welcomes the New Community Members!

On Tuesday, May 16, the SWS community welcomed its new members with a barbeque at Eisenhower Park. The weather was spectacular and the event went off without a hitch. The current SWS seniors hosted the rest of the community, providing an excellent meal with a multitude of delicious options. Mr. Dan Burke helped the students get the grills going and the food prepared.

This annual tradition provides the seniors with a chance to give back to the community. Additionally, some SWS alumni stopped by to pitch in and check on the community. This year, SWS is welcoming over 30 new members. At the Park, they were broken into groups and got to know current SWS members. After a great meal, some tye-dying and games, the Picnic ended with the Circle Game.

As you can see from the pictures, the students were engaged and excited to be together. Thanks to Pat Clarke, the SWS Faculty Moderator, for the write-up and the photos!

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